Privacy Policy

The Fitspan’s Privacy Policy explains how a user’s information is collected, used, and disclosed when accessing The FitSpan website(s), portals, channels, mobile applications, software, social media pages, services, etc. All web portals, social media pages, channels, videos, articles, services, processes, and every other medium associated with which may be represented using “we”, “The FitSpan”, “”, “us” or “our” in the entire Privacy Policy are the intellectual properties majorly owned by Huptech Web Private Limited.

1. Consent Of The User

By submitting any personal details while using the website or any of its services, the user(s) agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and explicitly consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of the Personal Data in accordance to working of The FitSpan.

2. Our Policy For Children’s Access To The FitSpan

Our website(s) and information displayed on all the associated portals are intended for adults above the age of twenty-one(21). Users under the age of twenty-one (21) are prohibited from creating a user account on all the associated web portals of The FitSpan. Accessing any information on the website ignoring the dialogue box asking for confirming the age of the user does not hold any person/company/website/author/software associated with The FitSpan responsible for relative understanding. If at all we come across a user account that seems to be of a child under the age of 13 through the Personal Details submitted by the user, we will make sure the account is deleted along with the Personal Data. We are open to receiving red flags of under-age accounts. If you come across such accounts and are willing to notify us about it, please email us on . We assure you that our team will take appropriate steps to handle the particular account immediately.

3. Types Of Information We Collect

“Personal Information” is the information that lets someone to distinctly identify or connect you, including attributes like name, address, email handle, contact number, as well as important and credential information about you. “Anonymous Information” is the information that has no link to your Personal Information; Anonymous Information doesn’t, by nature, provide identification details of any individual. Our collected Personal and Anonymous Data are as follows:

I. The Information generated by you

  • While you enroll to our Websites or Services (as a “user”), we may save your complete name, area code, email handle, and any other information you feed through your user account like your birth date and profile information. Any personal information supplied while registration process like your photo, first name, etc. may get publicly reflected through your User Account page.
  • If you log in to our websites or services through your mobile devices or our mobile applications, we may accumulate and save your personal information like mobile number and Unique Device ID (UDID).
  • In case of sending or receiving messages through our platforms using SMS text message, we may collect log details, thread details, network carriers, and date and time stamp for the same.
  • If you give us details about your whereabouts (e.g., by switching on the location through your mobile devices), we may save that information and target you locally by giving location-based information and ads. You can opt out of this feature by reinstalling your mobile applications or deactivating your GPS sharing on the personal device.
  • If you connect to our Services through a service provider that distinctly recognizes your device, we may receive this as unique identification and further our processes for extending our services and functionalities.
  • Robust security features like two-factor authentication may call for gathering your phone number. We may link the phone number and unique mobile device identification number.
  • For any user making purchases of products and/or services through any of our platforms or websites from the transactional sites, or products capable of being transacted through our site, we may gather and save information like your name, billing address, shipping address, email id, contact number, ordered product. We may also store reference number, order number, AWB number, payment card details, referring URL, public IP address, page where you made purchase from, password details, secure id details, and any other information which you give to us for carrying your transaction, or populating your transaction form for the future.
  • For any third-party purchase made through our transactional website, we may collect and hand over your personal details to third-party sellers for delivering the product to your shipping address, verifying your identity, checking your eligibility criteria for receiving the products or services, interacting when the order is out for delivering, and resolving issues which may occur during the complete purchase process. This personal detail has all the shipping information, your account email handle, and contact number.
  • We retain content such as files, documents, and messages which you upload through your User Account. Until the content is in your account, your data is stored.
  • If you produce any “user-generated content” like feedback or questions in FAQ through your e-mail address or SMS number, we will save your name, email, and contact number for replying you. We may also associate your mobile information with phone number.
  • When you upload content such as text, images, videos, comments, questions, messages, and any post which doesn’t have your personal detail on our Web pages or Service pages, the information will be stored in our central server and will be reflected all the users. Each detail will be shown along with your public profile picture and all the other information which you choose to keep the public through your privacy settings. All the information which you happen to continue as the public would be visible to all the users— anonymous or registered on our websites or services.
  • If you communicate or exchange conversations/text/messages with our professionals through our Websites or Services channel, we may store them for processing, delivering, and fulfilling your purchase order, reviewing them for investigation related purposes. We may also collect vital profile information if you participate in our interactive sessions like surveys or engage in live chats with us.
  • If you communicate or message through a comment thread (with our professionals or other users- anonymous or registered) through our Web channel or Services, we will store all the information on the server, and it will be visible to everyone.
  • If you voluntarily request for services via email, we may fetch and store these voluntary inputs such as your IP, type of operating system, version.
  • If you take part in any contest, sweepstake, or promotional giveaways on our Websites and/or Services, we may ask you to input your personal information like email handle and/or personal/home contact number (for notifying whether you won or not or doing the needful for staying in the competition). We may also ask necessary details like first and last name, and postal address to confirm your identity. In certain situations like Prize selection and Prize giving, we may ask you to reveal further details. Every contest and sweepstake is a voluntary process. Every detail you enter before/while/after playing the contest is based on your voluntary conviction. We recommend and insist you check the rules and regulations for each sweepstake, contest, giveaways getting conducted on or through our Websites or Services.
  • We may gather and save your Personal Information from any other points on the Websites or Services which demand your Personal Data..

II. Information through social media

  • The Services let you use Facebook for interacting with your profile mates and sharing through Facebook Wall, Personal Messenger, or in news feeds. If you are already logged into the Facebook and/or any other social platforms, you get an option of “Connect with Facebook,” and other social networking platforms. By clicking on “Connect with Facebook,” or a similar click event with other social platforms, you will be availed with an option of merging the service profile with Facebook.
  • If you are already logged in our Services/ Web platforms but yet to establish the connection into Facebook or another social media through login which our services support, as soon as you click on “Connect with Facebook,” or a similar social site, you will be evoked to enter your Facebook or other social media credentials.
  • If you are already logged in our Services/ Web platforms but are not signed up on Facebook or any other social networking pages, you will be directed to “Signing Up” for the respective services.
  • By proceeding ahead, you grant Services to get access to your data, and you also agree to the terms and conditions of use of Facebook and other social service platforms in your use of the Services.
  • In contrast, if you are not a registered user of the Services, and you try to “Sign In” through Facebook or another social networking platform (supported by us), you will be compelled to input the Facebook or social media credentials first and then you will get a page for enrolling to the Services.
  • During any of the mentioned process, we may get your information from Facebook and other social media platforms for making a new User Account on the Websites or Services without any hassle, and display are useful and relevant content from your friends on Facebook and other social networking services.
  • Once you become a registered user of our Websites or Services and connect Facebook or any other social media services, you will be powered with the ability to post recent activity on Facebook or other social media (which we support).
  • We may get access to your information shared on Facebook and other social platforms depending on your privacy settings with the particular social channel. It is advisable to the users to optimize their privacy setting on their social networking channels.
  • You can disconnect our Services with Facebook or other social networking channels by going into your User Account of Websites and Services and disabling the settings.
  • The process is to Log into your account -> Go to the About Me section -> Click on the Linked Accounts -> Deselect your social media account.
  • Moreover, you can also edit the privacy settings of your social media account or disable your Services activity sharing by setting pages on Facebook Applications.

III. Information with the help of Technology

  • Information stored in the central servers: To strengthen Services or give you powerful and useful websites, our central servers (which may be hosted by any third party service hoster) accumulates your personal information like Internet Protocol (IP) address or voluntary fed details like operating system, version, browser type.
  • Information in the log files: This stands right for almost all our associated websites. Through an automated process, we collect important details and save them in the log files. These details maybe anything between IP addresses, Internet Service Provider, operating system, browser type, click information, referring and exit pages, etc. or all. We take advantage of these details to evaluate the latest trends, cater and localize the Websites and Services, track user’s navigation path around the Web pages or Services, collect demographic information for demography targeting, and offer customized services as per the need of our users. We don’t associate this date with your Personal Information. It has no connection to your entries.
    For example, the information can be collected once, and when you visit the Websites or Services next time, the web system will recognize you and offer cater custom-tailored services, ads, and additional information which could affect or better your purchase decision and user-experience.
  • Information through Cookies: Like any other online service, we store your data using cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data sent from Websites or Services to the user’s browsers. They are designed as a reliable mechanism to gather stateful information or the browsing history of the users. We may deploy both Cookies, i.e., Session Cookies (which disappears once you close your browser) and Persistent Cookies (which have an expiration date and disappears after that date or are deleted voluntarily) to store your browsing activity and give you a personalized and interactive environment on the Websites or Services. The sole purpose of collecting information through these technical methods is to make our Websites and Services more useful to you and offer customized user experience depending on your needs and interests.
  • Information through Web Beacon: Additionally, we use Web Beacon (also known as tracking bug, tag, or page tag, tracking pixel, pixel tag, 1×1 gif, and clear gif). Web Beacon is an invisible technique used by Websites to check whether the users have accessed any content. It may be used to find out who is reading the web page and from which computer. While cookies are stored on the user’s system hard drive, Web Beacon is invisibly embedded in the websites.
    Web Beacon also helps in determining whether the emails have been read. If the Beacon is embedded in an email, an image is requested every time the user opens the mail. We may store and use this data to send optimized messages to the users. As per privacy policy terms, we don’t associate this information with your personal information.
  • Collecting information via Advertisers: Our Websites or Services may cater you ads using third-party. Just as we use Pixel Tags, Cookies, and other technology to fetch and store your information, these third parties servers may also automatically gather your knowledge including your system info, IP address, Internet Service Provider, your browsing activities, browser type, etc. (except your personal information like email handle, name, contact number) using third-party cookies and beacons. The data may be collected to target you with tailored advertising and marketing of your interest to improve your user experience.
    The policies of third-party services and their technologies have no association with our Websites or Services. We are not responsible for Cookies or Beacons in third party ads, and before you convert to these ads, we recommend you to go through the privacy policies of third-party advertisers and/or their services.
  • Any user who opts out of interest-based tracking, we don’t respond to their “don’t track signals.” It is done to ensure that Users don’t get out of our tracking radar. Our purpose of interest-based tracking is to provide modified services based on their needs.
  • Flash Local Shared Objects: Flash LSO is a piece of data that websites which use Adobe Flash may save on a user’s computer. These cookies can be used to store user’s preferences and user’s activities. Flash Cookies are different from HTTP cookies where users can take steps to restrict data collection. Flash Cookies don’t seek user’s permission for storing information in the hard drive. These flash information may be used by third-party advertisers, Websites, Or Services. You can disable LSOs using the Global Storage Settings panel of the online Settings Manager at Adobe’s website.

Information through mobile devices: Irrespective of the devices which you use, we may collect your non-personal information (only possible if you are using our Services or Websites using our mobile applications). The information is obtained just to generate and deliver the relevant content to you. The tracking may include information like your location, type of the device, total time spent on the application, your way of using the app, and a few more.

Further, a crashing-event of our mobile applications on your mobile devices would notify us about your mobile model, its operating system, version, and network carrier. This information is properly curated for recognizing the bugs and fixing the bug so that our mobile applications run efficiently on your devices. The information is purely non-personal information and is not eligible for identifying any individual personally.

Information through Analytics and Interest-Based Ads: To get user statistics and information, we may deploy third-party analytic tools like Google and Facebook analytics (“Analytics”). It is done for segmenting our customers and strategizing right marketing and ad policies for them. We may also use third-party analytics to gather information about different aspects like CTR, engagement rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, average time spent, etc. The reports will be based on the terms and policies of these parties. Our purpose of getting reports from this analytics is not restricted to segmentation only. We use this information to improve the overall experience on our Websites and Services.Just as we generate and store information through technologies like Cookies and Pixel tags, these Analytics services may use these same strategies to gain your activity information. This information are compiled to generate a report, and these reports can be transferred or sold to third-party analytics services and websites abiding by the law.Each Analytics Service has its terms and policies and abiding by the rules; they may use, share, and restrict Analytics data. By using our Websites or Services, you agree to the storing and processing of any information related to you by Analytics Services in the manner described above.You can get the complete list of Analytics reports by reaching us at We may also partner with third-party marketing agencies and ad companies to boost our reach. It may include digital and social media marketing which might collect and store us your social information.

4.  Information via Third Party Companies:

We may get access to your personal and/or Anonymous Data from the other users on our Websites or Services. You may be a customer to other users, and they may submit your information (as a customer data) while providing/promoting their services and offers on our websites or Services. These third party may supply us your important personal credentials through which we can identify you as an individual. We may add this information in our database and link/associate them to the existing collected data (may be submitted by you voluntarily on our websites or services or technologies like cookies). Our purpose of the association is to better the Services we offer.

Any use of such third-parties Customer Data by The FitSpan would be by following a law/legal document/resolution and would be subject to the terms and Privacy Policy. If your Personal Information is shared with us by another user in the form of Customer Data and you wish to get access to the information for amending, modifying or deleting the data, drop your inquiries to the users who submitted the data. You can request us the name of the user who submitted your record. If you ask us for updating or deleting the Customer Record, we will acknowledge and contact you within 30 days.

5.  Information Through Google:

You can use your Google ID for becoming a registered user of our Websites and Services. When you click on “Sign in with Google Account,” you are directed to Google login form, and once you input the details, you become a registered user. Your Google credentials are shared with us so that we can set up your account.

6. Information Through Enabled GPS:

When you enable GPS services or turn on your location on the mobile devices, we gather your demographic information for targeting you locally. If you don’t want us to collect your piece of information through this services, either turn off the location services or customize settings where our websites and services won’t use your information.

7.  Use Of Your Personal Information:

We can use your voluntarily submitted Personal Information in different manners. We maximize our efforts to make Websites or Services channel secure for you and try that your personal credentials are not leaked by interceptors or internal members from our team.

I. The Common Use: Commonly, the Personal Information shared by on our channels are either used to answer your requests, or to give you relevant services of your kind and need.We use your Personal Information for the following reasons:

  • Creating a secure service channel and facilitating you with the same;
  • Setting up your User Account on our Websites/Services;
  • Recognizing you as a distinct user in our system;
  • Providing a better user experience;
  • Improving personalized services and offering the same;
  • Giving Feedback and Customer Data based on demographics to third-party businesses partnered with the Websites or Services;
  • Interacting with you about your experience of the Services on Portals;
  • Researching and innovating new Products and Services;
  • Recording the usage of the Websites and Services;
  • Catering you the customized, relevant ads;
  • Recommending you the products and services of your interest;
  • Caching up for restoring the data following any disaster;
  • Providing quick customer support by fulfilling your requests;
  • Sending relevant content like newsletters, schemes, surveys, and offers related to our Websites or Services;
  • Tracking your personal preferences and noticing the behavioral pattern for optimized and restricted marketing;
  • Protecting and preventing our Website from fraudulent practice;
  • Investigating and taking corrective measures to act against unauthorized or illegal work;
  • Responding to any of your requests whether made via email, call, or text;
  • Protecting our rights and rights of all other users;
  • Checking your access to our Terms of Services and Privacy Policies on our Websites and Services; and

II. Making Anonymous Data: We may use Personal Information records to make Anonymous datasets (these datasets won’t have information like name or contact number). The creation of these anonymous datasets may be dependent on our needs to target you with better web services. We make use of these Anonymous Data in evaluating all the requests made, analyzing the behavioral patterns to improve the services and enhance the navigation-experience on Websites and Services. We reserve all the rights of using Anonymous information and information which doesn’t recognize an individual, and we hold prerogative to disclose this Anonymous information to any of the third parties based on our conviction.

8. Revealing Your Personal Information

I. Disclosing consent to the Third Parties: Based on your approval and direction, we may share your data. While you use the Services, your fed personal information will be shared with the third parties that you designate or allow for receiving such information, including any other website like social networking platforms, or your relatives, friends, and people. Depending on the privacy control and kind of access view you have given to such third parties, they may get control or permit of editing and sharing the same information and designating it to other third parties which may further permit them to access and edit your information. You may bring an end to data tampering by changing your settings any time. You can control the privacy setting by “who may view your information/content,” by reaching your account settings and selecting the correct publishing options.

II. Users: We will give your Personal Information to other registered users of our Websites or Services for providing the right services.

III. Third-Party Service Units: Like most of the websites, we may depend on third-party units for offering a variety of features (like payment gateway, third-party ads, etc.) on the Websites, Portals, Applications, or transactional Sites. We may also partner with Third Party Service providers for executing and reaping certain services for our own purpose (related to your use of the Portals or Services) like web hosting, communication services, third-party customer care services, network security, third-party payment processing, third-party delivery services, quality assurance investigating team, tracking services, analytics services, and other services. The sole reason for sharing your information with these third parties is because they can execute your request or act for the ordered call as early as they can. In a vice-versa situation, these third-party providers may also give your information to us which they get from your voluntary input or information generated while providing services to you or responding to your requests. Third party providers may also pass on the details to their daughter companies and subsidiaries, partners, affiliates, joint associates or any other company for business deals. Some of our web pages also offer content from third-party service providers or guest provider. During such cases, keep a note that your information is given to these third parties. These third parties take entry to our websites or services only on our approval or request, and a random third party has no access to your personal information.

IV. Associated affiliates: We may hand over some or all of your Personal Information with our Parent Company, Joint ventures, Daughter Companies or any other company under the same conglomeration.

V. Company reorganization: We may again share some or all the Personal Details while reorganizing our company (in a situation like merging, acquiring, acquisitions, etc.). We may also share the information during negotiation of dissolution transaction, divestiture, business deals, or an extreme situation like revealing business assets and data to the higher authorities. In severe events like Raids, Bankruptcy, or Insolvency, Personal Data may be shared as a business asset. If any company acquires us, our business assets, Personal Data, and any other information will be transferred to them and gain the rights and obligations over your Personal Data as per their Privacy Policies.

VI. Social Platforms and their services: As per the need of the market, we allow our users to share their details, content, and information on the social platforms like Facebook and any other Social Networking Services associated with our services and applications. When you do this, we automatically inform such social media platforms, and the content is processed for getting posted. We recommend our registered users to read all the terms and policies of services and privacy of social platforms as they may share or designate your personal information further down to next level. You hold the sole responsibility of sharing your content on such social platforms, and it is your duty to check each term of use. We won’t take any responsibility of (i) the availability of your information on any social networking services; (ii) the misuse of content or product on such social networking services; or (iii) further sharing of information by these third party social networking service providers.

VII. Information revelation to Third Party Companies:

Depending on our business deals, agreements, and negotiations with Third party companies (who provide services like server hosting of our web pages) or private or public websites or companies which promote their products and/or services on our Websites and/or Services, we may share your personal information. The third-party company may look for getting access to your personal information for enhancing its services. For such business ties, we may reveal your Personal Information to the Third party which requests for your data; however, we restrict from sharing any personal details to the third party companies for their marketing purpose or targeting, unless you have chosen to disclose content with your consent. Such disclosure for Third-party marketing is revealed only when you “Opt-in” for revealing the information after the following instruction provided by us. If you subscribe to get emails and messages from the third party companies and you later want to deactivate the email service, we advise you to contact Third Party companies directly notifying them about your preferential updates. Any information disclosure to Third Party Companies would be subjected to their privacy controls and their terms and use. They may further designate your data to their affiliates or partners. Since we have no power over the privacy practices of Third Party Companies, you should read all the terms of use before sharing any information and understand their policies based on your discretion.

VIII. Businesses and Commerce on The FitSpan: We may share details with or about you with the businesses tied with The FitSpan. These details may include your gender, age, device information, browsing history (inclusive of your bookmarked or contacted businesses), use of your Websites and Services, etc. Before performing any activity, you may set the amount of data you want to share. Your profile, comments, and content may get visible to the businesses listed on our Websites and Services. They may also get availed with the transaction information from the transactional Sites, irrespective of your privacy setting. Moreover, if you call third-party businesses associated or connected with us or our Websites and Service, we may reveal your call details and necessary information like date and time stamp, contact number, and any other detail they would have tracked had you contacted to them directly without the involvement of our Websites and Services. You may control data sharing by changing your phone’s setting.

IX. Information for Public Consumption: When you register as a new user or update your account, specific information are displayed to other users from your profile view. Most of your explicitly entered Personal Information is shown to other users and businesses. It is an essential aspect for providing the Services. Your public posts, photos, comments, and other content on the Services and Websites are for general usage. We may reveal the information on Websites or Services and disperse them to the greater size of the audience through third party sites. Visible information on the Websites or Services may be used by saved and used by third-party, other users, etc. As we don’t have any control over your postings and settings, we have no control over who gathers your information and uses it. We recommend our users to stay attentive while posting any sensitive and personal data in their posts. Once your post has gone public, you can modify or delete your data; however, you can’t get access to data for removing or changing stored in Caches or other’s system.

X. Disclosure in different cases: We may also keep your details upfront if we feel doing so is correct or mandatory to escape from any liability, fraudulent, abuses, scrutiny, investigation, or anything to protect the rights of The FitSpan, our business; or Websites and Services, assets, property, or safety of us and our business partners, daughter companies, parent companies, and affiliates. In the business reorganization and restructuring like The FitSpan’s partnership with other companies and events like acquisition, merging, negotiation, we may sell or transfer all or part of data asset to purchaser or merging entity. After that, they will have the liability of your personal information based on their Privacy Policies. Your data is a business asset for us, and we may share them in case of bankruptcy, insolvency, etc.

9. Your Control Over Our Services:

You can control the use of information on our various platforms and services. They are:

I. Mail Control: You may monitor and manage the emails which you receive from our email marketing team. Most of the emails have instruction to “opt out” from the email subscription. You can follow the direction and opt yourself out of it. You can also login into your Account and set your communication preferences; however, setting preferences wouldn’t affect the subscriptions. If your choices have restrictions or limitations for certain kind of emails, the opt-out will be partial. Also, we hold every right to send you specific emails related to our Websites, Services, and your Account. Despite disabling or opting out of our communicating channel, you will receive these communications.

II. Cookie Control: At any point in time, if you wish to stop accepting Cookies from our Web Pages and Portals, then you can change the settings of your browser and instruct it to stop taking Cookies or present you a Cookie prompt box when you visit any website. However, by doing so, you may not be able to reap the benefits of all the Services or modules. For any information on Cookie deactivation or modification, you can contact our team through contact details mentioned below.

III. Social networking control: If at any point in time, you decide that you don’t want your registered account on our Websites and Services to be linked to any Social Networking Service Account (example, Instagram), then you get the complete control over de-linking your social networking services with our Services in the Account settings. You may also restrict the sharing of Personal Information with us when you are signing through or connecting with us on Facebook. You can do this by checking on the privacy settings of the Social platform services and adjusting the permission accordingly.

IV. Modifying, updating, and Deleting your data: Our Websites and Services may let you analyze, modify, update, and delete your information which you have given through the Website registration or Services forms or any other way. We make our best efforts to respond to any of the modification or deletion queries and update our central database as early as possible. Please keep a note that it is sometimes not possible to remove the entire data because of specific reasons and our databases may save some remnant data. Also, whatever you post publicly including your comments and content on blogs and forums may not be eligible of getting removed on our Websites and Services. Moreover, when you modify your personal information or preferences on our Websites or Services, the details which you edit or remove may remain in our databases forever for better services and administrative purposes. If you remove all the Personal Information, then your account may get frozen. We may also keep an archived copy of your profile and its details all in compliance with the law for businesses.

V. Application Control: The most basic way to stop our application from gathering any information is by uninstalling your mobile app from the phone. If you want to manage the control, then you can change basic mobile device settings like location, network provider service settings, etc. You can do this by following the guidelines of your mobile device makers. The FitSpan targets advertisements to its user using device ID. It is because cookie technology is not applicable to mobile applications. You may also choose to opt out of ads in the mobile applications any time.

10. Security Of Payment Cards And Bank Details

We follow the security standard rules of the industry to protect the personal data of the users submitted on our Web Pages or Services. We do this by a common practice called Security Sockets Layers (SSL) software which encrypts all the data our users enter. However, we want our users to know that no transaction over the electronic medium or internet is 100% secure. Since the entire process is carried on the internet and central servers, they are prone to hacking and other malicious activities. Although we try in the best of our customer’s interest to offer them the most secure platform, we don’t guarantee the absolute protection. The underlying transaction through the transactional Sites is carried and handled by third party bankers, processing team, and distribution team. They are responsible for receiving all the necessary information regarding your payment details and verifying your credit/debit card. In all the transactional Sites, your data is encrypted and password protected. Wherever appropriate and possible, we deploy security firewalls around the Websites or Services. Also, the transactional Sites servers have security firewall which controls all the action of payment and transaction and maintain the access control with our own network and the Internet.

11. Modification To The Mention Privacy Policies

The mentioned terms of use and Privacy are subject to amendments. The amendments are necessary to honor the latest requirements of the market. If we make any amendments to the given policies, to the way we use your personal data, we will inform you before any execution. We will notify you by shooting an e-mail to your last updated email handle/ or by posting the details of all the material changes on the Websites or Services. Any change in the Privacy Policy will be executed after the first thirty (30) calendar days of the email notification sent to you or the first thirty (30) calendar days after we notify you on our Websites or Services. For all the new registered users, these changes will be effective as soon as they become a part of our Websites or Services. Please keep in the notice that you hold the sole responsibility of providing your Personal Data, and we advise our users to update any personal information with the latest email handles. In case you fail to update your current email handle due to any reason, our dispatched emails will still have all the updated privacy notice to your handle. If you don’t agree to the latest privacy policies or the amendments in using your Personal Data, you hold the responsibility of notifying us before the date of effectiveness and then you can deactivate your account. Despite the latest amendment notice, continuous use of our Websites and Services shall ideate us that you are in agreement with such changes in terms and conditions and we can use your Data as per the mentioned policies.